Maj & Roland G.

�Thank you very much for two nights at Cempaka very beautiful garden with a cool pool.... �


We are very happy to see that our concept is accepted to be excellent, not only by our friends and clients who have stayed there enthusiastically, but also is appreciated by local authorities and prestigious organizations:

  • Mayor of Tabanan Award
  • Receive an Award 2000 from the Mayor of Tabanan (Tabanan District), as the best little Inn on the whole Tabanan area.

  • Governor of Bali Award
  • Receive an Award 2000 from the Governor of Bali, as the best Guest House (Pondok Wisata) for the whole Bali.

  • Tri Hita Karana Awards
  • A very prestigious Award received from The Bali Travel News, namely “Tri Hita Karana Awards”. Tri Hita Karana is an old Hindu Balinese Concept that all Human Beings should live in Balance and Harmony with God, with other Human Beings and with its Environment. Cempaka Belimbing Villas has received these awards consecutively.

    • The Best Little Inn 2000 by the Mayor of Tabanan
    • The Best Guest House in Bali 2000, by the Governor of Bali
    • Tri Hita Karana 2000 Bronze Award
    • Tri Hita Karana 2001 Silver Award
    • Tri Hita Karana 2002 Gold Award
    • Green Paradise Tri Hita Karana 2003 Gold Award the grade of A+(Excellent)
    • Tri Hita Karana 2005 Emerald Award

    Tri Hita Karana (THK) is the Balinese philosophy relating to three sources of harmony and balanced relations. That is, between humanity and God Almighty, between humans, and between humans and the environment. This concept originates from the Hindu religion, but Tri Hita Karana principles contain universal values. Therefore, all developments on Bali island should ideally oriented to Tri Hita Karana principles.

    Bali Travel News is working towards discovering, defining and socializing the Tri Hita Karana principles in Bali's development by making a program of accreditation and the issue of Tri Hita Karana Tourism Awards especially to hotels and tourism objects.