Silviq & Klous Zotta

    A very nice stay after our arrival from busy Europe to your place it was the first time we were able to breathe free again.
We hope Bali and the people will have a good future!


Sylvie & Gathon

We really enjoyed our stay here,great view,great hotel,great welcome,great service!



One of the most beautiful places we ever visited. Thank you for a perfect stay!


Ami & Yabi Atchoarena

Once again we are back since July 2000, to day we made it on time for 2 hour trekking,
Very peaceful with beautiful scenery, hopefully we will make it again next time we may be
More than just a couple!!
Thank you for your good hospitality, we are loving the bathroom.


Claudia & Jose Maria

Very nice and quiet stay in wonderful villa, Never forget this stay in our honeymoon !


Jan and Lucy De Jang

We have had a beautiful time here, we have seen a lot of the nature here, and the rooms are also very good
We slept very well here and the people are very friendly.


   Hi Everyone!
I had a wonderful time at this dream place…everything is so beautiful and the rooms and public place are so clean.
Wait a luxury, if I`m in Bali again I will surely visit this place. Thank for everything!


Stefanie and Antonie

Hello !
We had a great time; this resort is very relaxing and beautiful. The service is great the staff is very nice
We enjoyed the room and it’s view, thanks for everything!
If we can we will come back……..

Del Van Heiningen

Dear People,
   I had a very nice time here with you, it is a beautiful place and wonderful married  party.
It was all beautiful and lovely, now we has seen how nice Bali is. Thank you for all


Rosita & Lesley

Cempaka Belimbing is still so bagus  ! We been 7 years ago here and we still love it here so much !
We hope we can come back soon and stay here longer in Bali,
Barbara terima kasih banyak for everything! we really like you and hope to see you many many times……..
But not for a wedding or for a dress, I am so happy to do this one time……..
We want to thank the staff and made, Cempaka Belimbing will always have a place in our heart.
Now we are husband and wife thank you see you soon!